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Competitive Programs

Our Competitive Programs range from Girls Artistic Gymnastics, to Trampoline & Tumbling to Cheer and Men's Gymnastics. These programs are by invite or try outs only. Please reach out to our team to schedule a try out or for more information. For specific information about each of our competitive programs, please click 'Learn More'.

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Recreational Gymnastics

Girls recreational Gymnastics classes cater to gymnasts of different abilities with an emphasis on increasing skill level in a positive and fun atmosphere. These classes focus on basic to advanced gymnastics on the floor, uneven bars, balance beam, and vault.



The goal of our Recreational T&T Classes are to build the basics for all events (Trampoline, Double Mini, and Rod Floor). Mixing in a little fun, we hope to create a foundation to advance kids in the future. Our classes are 60 minutes long, and follow a curriculum created by our T&T program director.


Open Gym

A fun and safe open gym is available for ages Toddler through Adult. Please view our schedule for pricing and to select the most appropriate time for you to attend.


Homeschool Programs

Our Homeschooling Programs are a great way to get physical activity, PE credit and have fun!

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Special Events & BIrthday Parties

Our facility is also available for Birthday Celebrations and special events during the weekend. If you have interest, please submit an inquiry or reach out to our team to confirm availability.


Circus Arts

Athletes will learn how to navigate through physical obstacles. Theses techniques will include running, jumping, and swinging from each object.


Summer Camp

A fun and safe open gym is available for ages Toddler through Adult. Please view our schedule for pricing and to select the most appropriate time for you to attend.


Parent & Me

Our Parent and Me classes are for children 3 and under with parental supervision required. The class will include fun, gymnastic-related activities for both the kids and parents!

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If you are interested in any of our classes, please feel free to submit a Request below and we will reach out to get more information and schedule a trial. 



Some questions we often receive regarding our programs and terms. 

Please feel free to email our team or call us if you have any questions about our programming or where your child will fit with the class structure. 

We offer your first class for free! If you decided to sign up, we keep a credit card on file for your convenience that is processed on a monthly basis. 

Enrollment can be done online by clicking any of our Register Now links. If you would like to do it over the phone, please call us at (239) 565-7823.

If a coach notices your child is thriving in the current level, they might suggest you move into a Red Stars or pre-team level of training. They would discuss it with the parents to see if it is something of interest. Teams are by invitation only or through try outs. 

We have an annual registration fee that is prorated if you join into our programs after the first of the month. 

If you would like to cancel out of a class, please email us at cancel.me@xtremeairacademy.com and let us know prior to the next months billing cycle. We will be happy to pause your membership if necessary as well.